Question’s Question

I have a friend who asks questions. And asking questions is good. But, to an extent. If the questions you ask are such that you seek truth, knowledge, and pertinent information, they are good. Beyond that, they are cynical. Beyond that, they only seek to create an event, where you are the superhero. If you have already decided what the answer to your question should be, there isn’t a need for asking the question.

Polarisation is the buzzword. We often attribute it to persons and personalities. Here’s a polarising figure, we say. In that instance, we give up our objectivity, I feel. Like a predator, we sit and wait; and the moment when a person says something that we can question, we pounce. But, that’s us. Because we seek that, that would confirm our own sense of beliefs. And we say it out loud. We describe the purpose of the pounce. It isn’t the person. We create the polarisation because of what we think should be.

3286- Blades in the Sun

A question has to be rooted in a belief. It has to be rooted in understanding. It has to be rooted in curiosity. It has to come from a platform of an open mind. Everything in this universe is open to a question. But if your question has no root in this universe, what would be the value of your question?

Teachers often tell their students, that there’s no such thing as a stupid question. I agree. No question is stupid, by itself. But some questions are trivial, provocative, and superficial. So-called stupid questions are often from an open mind. They seek to fill the gaps. They come from the view of un-understanding. They are usually accepting. Questions that seek to corner the answerer should not be asked, if you ask me. By the purpose of cornering, your answer is available to you before you ask.

Scepticism is a virtue, and a worthwhile one, at that. It informs that we will not accept something for the sake of it. When it is stretched, however, it becomes a vice. When you question everything, it follows, that you believe in nothing. Which is a big question mark on your sense of being.

In a recent 3AM conversation, a friend affected my belief system. I realised I was questioning it in a predetermined fashion and I promised her, I will learn more of the issue and come back to her with better questions, if at all.

We can ask questions that validate what we already believe, or we can ask questions that help us understand the human condition.

We’ll have to choose.


13 thoughts on “Question’s Question

  1. I’m questioning who I am these days… Circumstances are forcing me to look at myself and everything connected to me and my world. I must decide what stays and goes, to do this I have to study and question closely who I am and what I need. It’s very exhausting and I’m not too sure if I will make the right decisions.


    • That seems like a question for which you genuinely seek an answer. That is good. Always. That’s the purpose of a question – to seek an answer. These questions will beget answers and the answers by themselves will pose new questions. Some answers, I feel, we have to accept, even if we don’t like them. Take care! 🙂

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  2. You’ve explained well the objective for asking a question. And I agree that the person asking the question has to have an open mind…else you are only asking to begin a conversation that will eventually turn sour.

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  3. This is a very interesting subject. I rarely ask questions because I believe I’ll be told whatever the person wants to share with me. There are always problems with my way of thinking because I can pass as someone who doesn’t care. Which is totally the opposite. I do care and I believe that not asking is a way of respecting the other. 🙂
    I don’t mind people asking me questions. What I can’t stand are the interrogations 😀

    Have a beautiful day! 🙂


  4. I think your last line sums it up pretty well; questions are only worthwhile when they come from a place open to hearing answers. Otherwise they’re usually just used as an indirect or passive way for the “asker” to verify what they already think, or state an opinion without having forthrightness to commit to a position.

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