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Gaizabonts: words that haven’t found a meaning or a place in life. Or about a life that is finding a place through words desperate to make meaning.

An ‘about’Β page is a blog’s main identity. When posts don’t make sense, people generally head to the About Page — in the hope of capturing the essence of the writer and the contents of a blog.

This is the personal blog of Atul Sabnis, since September 2006, here on WordPress, after having been on Blogspot since December 2001. I don’t accept blog-awards. I have nothing against awards as such, but I do not like the responsibility that comes along with it. If you like what I write, do leave comment. Don’t award me.

I’ve never understood the concept of a private blog. You don’t have notebooks?

Yet, a blog’s and a writer’s identity can only be found in the posts — the evolution and regression of thoughts is evident only in the posts — available for you to make (and give) meaning.

That’s me in that photo; my photos aren’t all that bad — only when I try to take my own.

About Pages evolve, I guess, as the blog and the writer evolves.

I love a conversation, so if you’d like to start one (or provoke one based on a post) I’d love that. I always reply to comments, except of course, when they are obviously spam or obviously stupid. (Isn’t it the same?)

15 thoughts on “About

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  4. You got me there!! πŸ™‚
    Paul linked today’s post to one of yours. I read it and got even more lost than before. So I clicked on the about page πŸ™‚ (Now I need a map!! :D)


    • Thank you very much Joe. Thank you for thinking about Gaizabonts. I have, for a while, stopped responding to blog-awards. This does not, in any way diminish the feeling I have, when I see your post. I’ll however, respond to your nomination.


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