A Comment, and Counting!

Now what do you say to these fine folks at WordPress? Just when you think they couldn’t be any more amazing, they go and prove you wrong!

One thing I wished happened more often in my blog, is conversation. That is a blog’s primary purpose in life. (My writing is to blame in certain cases, for the lack of conversation – I have been told), but there just wasn’t the right structure to enable a conversation. And in any case, if it happened, it was one-to-many. (At least here).

It took some tagging and pointing, if you wanted to comment on a comment on the blog. Along comes this bit of news from the fine folks at WordPress that Comment Threading is Here!

I had talked of the problem of commenting, way back in September 2005, and hopefully this solves the problem once and for all.

So, go ahead, your conversation is not limited with me alone, there are others!

An interesting side-effect of this feature (henceforth) is that you will always know the number of comments by visitors on a post. Exactly half of the number it shows!


6 thoughts on “A Comment, and Counting!

  1. i have always been in agreement with the idea that posts hopefully spurn conversations – either in agreement or in disagreement, or at time, totally off tangent! it is sad that it hardly happens, for it seems that a lot of people, myself included, just leave a few words that may be judgments / compliments.

    the side effect is interesting. one thing that i have particularly found strange is when people reply to each comment individually (you know when the thread thingie is not enabled), and it makes it look like there are a hundred comments!

    wordpress seems like fun, and i seem to suffer from interia πŸ™‚


    • I’ll only say that it takes lesser time than writing a post to move to WordPress. I’ll perhaps add that you will never regret it. Maybe, I’ll even add that it keeps becoming so wonderful by each passing day, when you use WordPress. One (not really) last thing is that the neatness and beauty is unparalleled.


      I think compliments and such are fine, in fact required. Makes you want to write even more. But conversations are just outright fun! And I agree, it doesn’t matter if you agree or not.


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