Come, Have a Drink

As he walks, Mostly Barefoot, on a sidewalk on the digital highway (UPDATE: Unfortunately, this blog has been deleted), he stops for a while and scatters a few gems where he stands. (Reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption, a la Andy Dufresne, walking in the afternoon sun, scattering the collection of the night)

Usually a beer drinker, the first time I tried a cocktail was because someone whose opinion I respected insisted on it. So I tried it, but really, found nothing to change my loyalties alcohol-wise.

My blogging experience is unfolding a bit like that long ago drink. A few sips into it, there is some kind of new activity at taste bud level but nothing at conversion level yet.

So I came here looking for the recipe, to learn more about the stuff in my glass. Guess I’ll look around some more. [Mostly Barefoot on Blogging Being]

As much as he insists on the analogy above, I think blogging is an acquired taste for him. He does bring about an important point though, and while the recent ‘theme’ seems to be about blogging and such, I thought I’d let go of my footwear and have drink too, barefoot.

Frankly, I like the analogy up there. The blogosphere becomes one wonderful bar, types of drink are the bloggers and each drink a post. Like him, I mostly drink beer, but have a white wine, once in a while.

Come, Have a Drink

The comments, oh the comments are the wonderful conversations at that table in the corner over there. You see them folks? That guy with the ale, and the one beside him with the bitter. See her? With the glass of a white wine and of course that guy over there with a Bloody Mary. They usually have the same drink – but their conversations vary — and though their drinks differ, they have something to talk about — something all of them can relate to. Once in a while he has white wine and she has a Bloody Mary, but mostly they stick to what they drink.

They talk of the friend who used to have rum and coke, he doesn’t come to the bar anymore. And of course the one who would have nothing but red wine, she sits at the bar, doesn’t come at their usual table these days.

A couple of drinks later, they look at their table, there are a few empty seats. They look at each other and slight curve of nostalgia lines their smiles.

The bar door opens and they all see him entering. Seems like a guy who will be comfortable at this table and have a conversation.

Seems like a lager-kind of a guy.

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5 thoughts on “Come, Have a Drink

  1. ==Bishy:
    I would have thought of you as one of the (quieter) people at the table; also I’d think of you more as a Scotch kind of a guy?

    All the same, you are most welcome! >:D<


  2. In the post at the start of this (blogging being), a comment above mine says it right. You do make bloggin an art form.

    But art and form are big words. For now, I’ll contend myself with sitting down at a table and making some rings on it.


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