I was thinking of something, and for some reason this thought connected me to another similar thought. I found myself agreeing in the first thought and disagreeing in the second. And, suddenly, I realised, I am contradicting myself. There. I had caught me contradicting myself.

Twin Window

It was not a good feeling. I was also surprised that I got caught. By myself, i.e. Usually, it is someone else.

“Good catch,” I told myself.

“Thanks,” I replied.

I wasn’t entirely happy about being caught. But, I have to say I did a good job catching myself, else, I would have gone ahead with my thoughts, thinking they were all free of contradiction.

Some time passed. I was now thinking of thoughts that straightforward and wouldn’t connect me to similar parallel thoughts. I continued thinking. It was nice, easy, and straight. I was wrong however, not all thoughts were behaving. One of the delinquent thoughts reconnected me to the previous pair of thoughts that I had pronounced contradicting.

I called myself, “Hey, you!”

“What?” I said

“The context for those two thoughts,” I said, with some emphasis, “were different.”


“They were even under a different contract,” I insisted.

I looked at myself with a blank face.

“The context and the contract for those two similar thoughts were different, so they could not have been contradictory,” I said.

I thought for a while, I was right, I knew that. And I had to be honest with myself, I had to concede.

“You’re right,” I said, “they aren’t contradictory.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

“You’re welcome,” I told myself, “and hey, by the way, Good catch!”

“Thanks,” I replied.


2 thoughts on “Non-Self-Contradicting

  1. The two selves are not next to each other like your picture. They are facing each other like the mirrors in a salon. Where the perspectives and views can stretch upto infinity. And this is when they are at an angle of 180 degrees to each other, each taking in the other one but restricted within it’s reference. Too technical? Let me stop this here and lighten it a bit.

    Now, picture in a third one. There are more than 2, right? When there are conflicts, there is an arbitrator. And a fourth one: The judge who thinks of all these as jokers wasting time on useless stuff. And the fifth one who just needs some peace and quiet to savour the present moment. And then that is the end. Amen! – {5th alter ego}


    • Sorry, that’s the best picture I had. 🙂 Yes, it was a bit technical, took me a few days to get that! 😉

      Yes, there are more than two. There always are. I just chose to focus on the dialogue between two of them. There are actually, so many of them, they are present or absent depending on what’s going on. Usually an audience, seldom participants. Seems you have met them. 🙂


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