Demon Denomination

Kabira 𝄞 is playing in the background. I suspect, I am smiling. At least in my head. Topical? That, a song about a lost traveller in denial, who is being asked to return, plays — when I start this post. I am not smiling at the potential irony, but, perhaps, at the lack of it.


Back to the post. We all have demons. We keep fighting them. Often times, we win the fight. A few, we succumb to. Can’t win ’em all, right? Some demons are easy to conquer, others; not that easy. Those that are not easy, are, actually, easy to vanquish, but they have perfected the art of prolonging the fight. We just get tired.

0405: Neptune and Triton - 10

This is not a demon. I just wanted to have an image that looks warring-like. Bernini’s Neptune and Triton at the V&A Museum. Detail, Neptune

Three demons have occupied much of my mind space recently. One strategy I use, to vanquish these pot-bellied purple-skinned uglies, is: make them human. I give them names. (It’s easier to deal with them, that way) It becomes a level-field, I have discovered. I do not speak from a position of fear, now. I can see and sense them. That’s the first battle won. In winning a prolonged war, it matters that we win small battles. And that calls for some serious strategy. I got two demons to fight with the third. That gives me time to rest and recuperate. Don’t get me wrong; I am fighting Movie Monster.

That’s his name. Movie Monster makes me watch movies and TV shows; spend most of my free time doing that. Given that I do not have a dish or cable, I was tempted to call him NeFl-APrime. Movie monster is good enough. I didn’t want to give him a brand value.

Writing Monster and Reading Monster are at war with me. At the same time, they are at war with Movie Monster. Just to be clear, Movie Monster is also at war with me. Yes, those are the other two demons. I just think monster works better than demon, when you name them. So, here’s the situation: WM and RM want me to write and read, respectively, however, most of my time is spent watching movies and TV shows. So MM is winning. (I am losing, anyway).


Kun Faya Kun 𝄞 is playing now. There has to be a limit to these coincidences. The singer is asking the almighty to have one look, and petitions that he be released from himself. It’s an interesting petition, so to speak. I mean he could have asked for wealth or world peace. But he asks for a release from himself – so that he can see himself.


Having definitively defeated some demons (and having pathetically lost to a few), I have discovered this: their endgame is possession. Absolute, uncompromising possession. In that, I discovered, keeping them at bay is winning. No, it wasn’t an epiphany; I saw The Siege of Jadotville (thanks to MM). Learnt a lot.


And as if on cue, Allah Waariyaan 𝄞 (apologies for the hamming in the video) plays. “May our own be upset, may the others be upset. May dreams break; same with promises. If it comes to that, let God walk away, but, let’s always walk together.”


So, that’s my “warscape”. WM, RM, and MM. When I hit “Publish” on this post, I will have one tactical victory over WM. and I’ll read a few pages of The Lost River tomorrow; yet another tactical victory over RM. I won’t login to Netflix today. That’s yet another tactical victory, over MM, i.e.


I give up. The background music is undoing my post. Main Rang Sharbaton Ka plays. “You are the dream; I am sleep. Together, we are night. I wish it every day. I am the colour of the sorbet, you are the sweet water of the stream. There isn’t a union like ours.”


I think I am winning. I’ll vanquish WM, RM, and MM, eventually. Soon.


Act 1: The Duel – Scene 1 “All’erta, all’erta!” plays. No. This time, it’s not my playlist. It plays in my mind. The staccato carries a warning of unrelenting demons on the horizon. I sense hoofsteps. Two demons have joined hands, have they?

In the Troubadour, whose song
rises at night from the gardens,
he rightly fears a rival.


They are far away, but I discern the flags they bear. They are coming. Travel Monster and Photography Monster. Together.


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