I told him what I am up to. The book(s) I was reading, what I gleaned, and how I arrived at the choice of books that I am buying/reading. It was a longish conversation; the flight was delayed. For once, I wasn’t getting upset about the delay, because I was speaking to my own Dharma Bum. The matter of the conversation may not interest you much. I rediscovered a poem in Hindi, chose to find its origins, ended up reading an original Sanskrit drama, and, therefore, the structure and framework of Sanskrit theatre. (When I get a grip on it all, I’ll post it on The Custodians). He said, “I am happy for you.” Which was fine, because, for a while now, I have been happy for me too.

~ ~ ~

I’ve been thinking of the “Four Enemies of a Man of Knowledge” for a while now.

That means his battle is still on. That means he is still trying to become a man of knowledge. A man is defeated only when he no longer tries, and abandons himself.

Needless to say, the emphasis is mine.


Captured Clouds

What you have to take care of, you will. At the same time, you have to take care of your self. Mostly, we do not have the sense to separate our self with the world that we live in. The world becomes the self. We end up taking care of the world. As if, it is self. Not that our world is devoid of our self. Yet, our self is not the world. In some way, that’s the distinction. That’s one plant we never watered.


I’ll take care of my world. Only after I take care of my self — for, only when I can take care of my self I can take care of my world.


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