Death of Humour

Social media and social interaction has made us intelligent.

Every word, phrase, sentence is some form of an -ist: racist, sexist, casteist, or some or the other -ist. It has been a while, since I told a joke. Apart from saying “Hydrogen and Nitrogen were sitting at a bar…,” we have no means to tell a joke. Someone or the other will construe an -ism in it. Perhaps I should take the side of elements in the periodic table and ask – how dare you involve chemical elements? I’d like to accuse that person as a chemical – ist – assuming, that’s a thing.

The folks who call out these -isms, often (almost always) portray these -isms. But who am I to tell them? They have already adorned the cape of neutrality and sense.

Sarcasm is the new humour. It is dancing on the corpse of humour.


2 thoughts on “Death of Humour

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  2. I am seriously ambivalent about this. One, because, I do not want a humorless world. But at the same time I don’t want a sensitivity less world either. Living in a society was always about drawing a line. It was only the question of *where* the line is drawn. In a predominately “mono-cultural” societies, it’s easy to draw that line. The “they” are okay to joke about (the gujjus, the sikhs, the marvaris, the liberated women, the rich, the poor, the …), the “us” are not. That’s how the line has been drawn for ages. We didn’t crib about that world, did we? Now, as we become more multi-cultural, those lines are anything but straight. Is it really fair to ask those who have been the target of many of those jokes just to suck it up, because we want a world where we can joke indiscriminately? So answer I’ve come out for myself is this: I’m going to joke about “us”, about “me”. Sarcasm is a key weapon there. In fact more effective.

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