Death is The Answer

He wanted to die.

By 2020. He would announce his death in 2019, that’s what he said: give one year for all of his beloveds to know that that they have one year left with him. The one reason I prefer not to be listener is this: my friends say the weirdest things. But, they are their things. And even if I do not agree, they are right.

My friend has decided a date when he will die. His birthday. in 2020; he is inspired by some wacky guys, yet I understand. And while he didn’t realise it, he said this on 19th June — Fathers’ Day. My father is dead. He is not suicidal, needless to say. But he has no use for life anymore — that’s what he said.

But there’s someone he loves. And how! If I could, I would like to be in love like that.

“Go seek your love,” I said. But, it’s too complicated, he said.

Loving, should never be difficult. It’s the most natural phenomenon for us; human beings. But we complicated it with social constructs and personal expectations. It’s safer for him to not ask the question; it is safer for her not to answer. He may ask her if she loves him, she may say, yes. And it may not mean anything.


And therefore, we live a life that’s short of this love. And all that is opposite of love is winning. Because those who are in love will never take risks. You see, lovers are not speaking, talking, telling.

Love is love. It is pure. Yet, we seek to confine it to known structures.

It is not a slave to structure. Structure is in your head.

In a positive way, death is the answer.

Will you kill it?


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