Of Pride

I’ll not name people in this post. But it is about them.

Some of them are my family, some are friends. And I feel proud about them. They have achievements, of course. But I speak not of those tangible certificates.

That my own sense of being swells, when I hear of achievements of my friends and family, is in itself an absolute feeling. It has nothing to do with my achievements. It is all about what others have achieved. Some chose it; some encountered it. Irrespective, they did it.

How can we sense pride in another’s achievement? It is not ours, it does not offer us anything. Why, then, do we feel pride?

We have invested in the other person’s success. In some form. Mostly, emotionally. We want them to be successful. It is, a non-commercial return-on-investment. It is an emotional return, the one that makes us better humans.

There is a way we can be happy about the success of another. We have just forgotten how to experience it. We are all lost and wandering in the jungle of context.

Are we asking the wrong questions?

We are using metrics; but they do not matter. By the manner of your achievement, if my heart swells x%, I have already recovered my investment. And made more money (This is for those who think in ROI terms).

I have invested in you, dear friend, and I seek your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. That is what makes us ONE.

I am, if you have no idea, happy for you. You know who you are.


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