I recently read about the achievement beard. As I read the article, and saw the mention of well-known people with the A-beard, I wondered, if it was time, I should have one. David Beckham has one, and he is three years younger than me. It’s not that I have never had a beard. It’s just that (all) the women in my life subtly so, never allow it to last more than a month.

December 2009

December 2009

Then again, if it is to be an A-beard, we have the Q of achievement. An A-beard is different from a beard. There has to be a sense of achievement. The next Q that arises, what achievement, whose, and how measured? Most of the A-beards in the above-cited article are of famous people. They may be old or they may be young, but, they are famous/popular. Then, is an A-beard a factor of popularity? If it is, then, what’s the audience? When I consider the audience within which I am popular, my audience will bear with me for a month. Max. Then, they will start giving me birthday gifts in advance: shaving creams, razors, and such. Which makes me think, I should become popular amongst people who are not close to me. And I have no way of doing that. Needless to say, I am a great actor, but no director or producer has ever approached me to recognise my talent, which is where all of it breaks down! Yet, I am not without achievements. You don’t go through 40-odd years without doing anything worthwhile.

So, I could easily deserve an achievement beard.

The best part of having a beard, whether A or not, is that you have to do nothing. It’s just patience. And once it grows on you, you just have to curate it, to make it look like an A-beard, if at all. Perhaps, people will look at my A-beard and ask me, what I have achieved in life. I’ll have stories to tell. So, at worst, we’ll have conversations.

I think I’ll let an A-beard to happen.

At least till I am not surrounded by cries to, well, SHAVE!


12 thoughts on “Beardification

  1. There’s a bit of Kamaalhassan in that picture, dontcha think???!!! 😄 Although I personally hate shaving, my stubble itches enough to make me after a couple of days. But go for it, beards are on the increase all around us!

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    • Haha! I’ll take that as a complement! 😀 But you are right – that early process of growing a beard is tough – and then, of course comes the maintenance. Shaving is such a lazy and an easy way out! 🙂

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  2. Mine is an A-Beard. After 20 years of marriage with a wife who doesn’t like beards I’ve finally ACHIEVED keeping a beard for more than the one month Max. Had one now since November ’15. I just decided I wasn’t going to shave anymore, end of story. Whenever she would make a negative comment about it I’d just ignore it or tell her to stop complaining. I think once you hit your mid 50’s you seem to stop being concerned about what others think of you, even your wife..

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    • I guess I’ll have to wait about ten years before I can reach that stage of beard Nirvana! 😀 Thanks much, for the motivation – it helps. Welcome to Gaizabonts, Tony! 🙂


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