Game of Hearts

I’ve never looked at sports in the way that most people do. The technique, the logic, the strategy. I do understand it, have no doubt. But, that’s one of the reasons, I can never hold a conversation about sport with most people. Like, I have never been able to hold a conversation with photographers who talk of cameras, not photographs.

If you are a #ProKabaddi follower, you may have seen the match between Patna Pirates and the Bengaluru Bulls, tonight (17FEB2016). Way after half time, most of us could predict that Bangalore would take the match.

I held on.

The Patna Pirates won it.

Image Courtesy: All Sports League

Image Courtesy: All Sports League. Link

Did they have better players than Bangalore? Not necessarily. The teams were evenly placed, if you ask me. Bangalore definitely had a strategy. Their captain was in form. It was obvious from the first raid. And in the first half. They were attacking. And how. And Patna had no idea what was going on. All their efforts seemed to be in vain. They were losing points like a two-inch hole in a petrol tank.

But Patna Pirates won it.

Heart. I’ve always maintained that the Patna team is a stout-hearted team. In this season, they have been unbeaten, so far. In the earlier seasons they have suffered huge losses. But never, never, because they gave up. The way I see it, sport has become a complex analysis of numbers and statistics and such. We have, somewhat, lost the ability to enjoy sport for what it is.

Most sports today are about class. Class combines heart, head, practice, and experience. Very few remain, where it is more heart. Patna is a team that has always played with a heart. They have strategies, of course they do. It’s not that they shed thinking and slave to feeling. But in every step, every raid, every tackle, every jump and escape, they show heart.

Those who play with heart, may some times lose a game, but they will always win hearts.

Thank you, #PatnaPirates for a winning streak that demonstrates, well:



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