November Schizo: The m-dash

No post in November — at least seventy thoughts went unexpressed — @ the rate of an average of 10 per day — it should be more — but — I am conservative — I am also OCD — someone said.

Since all the thoughts of the last seven days are dead — I have nothing much to say — yet November has been good, so far — new friends — great dinners — coffee-laced brownies — and wonderful conversations.

All the guys reading this post — if you are celebrating Movember — say hello — you can say hello — even if you are not celebrating Movember.

Finished a book in a single sitting after a long time — my love for history grows — it makes me a better person after every experience — it challenges my common notions — after every read — it makes me want to read more — know more — not because I want to say something to you — though I want to — but — because I want to fine-tune my attitude and perspective — and that’s enough for me — we don’t need to change people — to change the world — we only need to change ourselves.

I fell in love with love again — if you saw it — it would look like an empty chair — for me — it was more, much more than that — in the circle of life — I watched myself crossing some lines — I smiled — I said — It’s alright — it matters less what I think what others think — it matters more what I think — I smiled again — It was an intriguing smile.

I think — I have encountered my second enemy — Clarity

(The Teachings of Don Juan, Four Enemies Of A Man Of Knowledge, Carlos Castaneda)

PS: The m-dash is one of my favourite grammatical symbols. I have not, yet, mastered its use. As is obvious.




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