My Sword; My Rules

What, if it was 1686 and it was about your sword?


I utterly dislike when people tap on their (non-touch-screen) screens of their laptops when describing things. Some, I’ve seen go to the extent of using their ball point pens and tap, tap, tap on their computer screens. Maybe it was acceptable when we had CRT monitors. The material allowed us that act to go by. Not in these times. Colleague, customer, or boss. I’ve stopped everyone from tapping on the screen, at least on the laptop that belongs to me (even when it was the property of the company). It matters not, if it has to be at the cost of losing your comradeship, your business, or my job, respectively, you don’t tap my computer’s screen.


2015-10-30 00.45.12

It’s 1686. Take a minute, go back in time. Your sword is in your sash. A comrade comes along. Hey, nice sword, he says; draws it out of your scabbard, scratches it on the ground, bangs it on a pillar and such. For a soldier who lives by the sword, what would it do to you?


A sword or a laptop are the tools that we live by. They are personal. I cringe when I see how people use their laptop. I keep quiet. But if they behave the same with my machine; no sir!

Taking care of the tools we live by is not about OCD, nor is it about being a control freak. It is, in a simple word, about: RESPECT.

~ ~ ~

For most infections, we have some medicine that will protect us. What will protect us from carelessness?


3 thoughts on “My Sword; My Rules

  1. Here, here, I think it’s the disposable mentality of modern society that’s to blame. People do not respect the integrity of inanimate objects these days. They tend to think, oh who cares, I’ll just buy another one or if it’s for work the company will!!!!

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