Of My Starcrossed Shin

There are so many stories of star-crossed lovers. Bollywood movies use the theme so often, that it has become predictable. It’s, of course, the stars that determine the crossing, and the crossing is real, not obvious, and it repeats. Yet the lovers, never come together, ever. Legendary love stories are made of these: Romeo-Juliet, Laila-Majnu, Shiri-Farhad. Where you are from, I am sure you have a story of your own star-crossed lovers.


A friend, who strongly believes in destiny, offered me this advice: don’t search for love or try to make it happen. The knots are divine and we will end up with whoever we are destined to be with. As much as I wished it wasn’t true, I kept quiet, that evening. The divinity theory didn’t work in my favour. I was looking for this one girl to be my soulmate, forever and forever. All my effort to woo her seemed so futile. I continued to not believe in that theory and I continued to woo her. (Nothing came out of it)

I am older and wiser now, and this divinity theory makes sense.


My shin, and any furniture, in any place, of that height โ€” keep meeting each other. Passionately. Neither the shin nor the teapoy realise, that I get hurt in the process. If it was romantic, they’d just pass each other, and wonder why they felt the need to look back.

Not my shin. Not the teapoy. They passionately bumpย into each other, to meet again. And again. And again.

They are living out their destiny. But, for me, it pains like hell!


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