Seeing it for Myself

No TV.

By choice. Not chance or circumstance.

Choosing to read books. Choosing to listen to music. Choosing to doodle art. Choosing to cook. Choosing to work hard(er).

There’s a backlog of wish-lists, and I am sure they wish they weren’t lists. Are we just a someday for you? The power of lists is not in the action of adding items to the list, but in striking them out.


I am seeking mediums that do not arrest imagination. Like Radio, to an extent. But, more, like books. I don’t know how you read books, but for me, every wall, every nook and corner of a scene, has to come alive (in my head).

then the line between imagination, construction, and dreams becomes blurred. the mystery of, “did I imagine it, did I dream it, and why it occurred to me”, is scary and exciting at the same time. for you never know the truth, but you experience it, for sure.

The visual oozing, has stunted me. In active imagination, I am (was) enslaved by what I saw. Those visuals became my constructs. No more.

Before you can show me, I’d like to see for myself.


8 thoughts on “Seeing it for Myself

  1. “The power of lists is not in the action of adding items to the list, but in striking them out.”

    Sigh! Thanks for reminding me :).

    Some of what you say here reminded me of Ankhon Dekhi? Have you seen it? I’d strongly recommend it if you haven’t.


  2. Gave our TV up 5 years ago. Best thing we ever did. There’s only so much time in a day, so who wants to waste it watching the gobbly gook the powers that be cook up. Reality TV? Who’s reality matters more?

    Lists are for shopping in my world. I stand in my kitchen and imagine the meals of the future. I’m really quite a drab person, perhaps that’s why I disappear so frequently into books. There are worlds waiting to be shared in those pages. Another great post!


    • Thank ye, much. Yes, I am beginning to enjoy the peace without a TV. It’s early days, so I feel a little lost, but am quickly reminded (by myself) why I gave up the TV, and all’s well again.

      Yes, at worlds waiting to be shared and explored. I am in one now, and it is fascinating me. 🙂

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  3. No TV ever since I left home, which was some almost 2 decades back 😀 I must admit though once in a while, when I am traveling or end up going home, I do watch a bit and actually like it infrequently. When I had it for a very brief while, I realised it was on all the time, whether or not I was actually paying attention. Mostly background noise.

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