What are Places?

When you undress them completely, they are just a pair of two numbers: Latitude and Longitude. But we like places with all the adornments. The this is there, the that is there. And, thankfully, this isn’t there, and that isn’t there.

If you are a new blogger, take solace in this. When you have blogged for eleven years, (and if you have blogged well), you do not need to search for answers outside. Your own blog will have it all, when you have a question.

Open Your Hand

I wrote this in the June of 2008. Perhaps, I was wiser, then.

Then there those that effect change. And there is only one way, I believe, that they make the change happen. They embrace it with complete and utter blind trust. Not in the result of what that change may bring, but in the change itself. The complete surrender. Because, there is no such thing as a better tomorrow. Either there is a tomorrow or there isn’t. Your notion of a better tomorrow is your today being recycled and realigned to make you believe that your today is better than yesterday. Take the last thirty days and run through them you will know what I mean.

Tomorrow can either be impregnated with the sameness of all your suspicions, cynicism and scepticism, or it can be the tomorrow that rids you of that sameness that you so despise.


How desperately we claw and cringingly latch, to our fleeting today, is a result of our yesterday’s fears, that hurts our tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “What are Places?

  1. I have been blogging for 8 years now. I am not a good writer and I have no illusions about that.
    I know that with every post I get a little better. It is an incremental thing. There is only one way to get better and that is to put your thoughts out there.

    Having said that, I completely agree with what you have to say about searching within. I am horrified when I go through my old posts – I was very brash with this clear idea of putting-everything-out-there. I have mellowed down with time – a lot. Sometimes when I am searching for answers I go through my old posts and frankly this exercise has never disappointed me.

    Long comment *phew*
    P.S: Love your writing!


    • I love long comments. Tells a bit about how much a reader is thinking/feeling a post. 😀

      Whether you are a good writer or not, depends on the benchmarks you have set for yourself. If people are reading what you write, liking it, responding to it constructively, you are easily a good writer. You are concerned about your writing – that makes you a good writer (see latest post – Why Do I Write?) A writer writes. Someone else decided whether it’s good or not.

      Our old posts are a good reflection of who we are, who we were and how far we have come. What has changed and why it has changed. This itself becomes a subject and theme, when we write. I have always tried to abstract specific experiences (and leave a few clues for myself within the post about the specific experience) so that when I read it later, it appeals to me at the thought level, rather than at an incident level.

      Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

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      • You are absolutely correct. One thing – Of late I have started commenting on the blogs that I enjoy reading.
        I think that’s the least that I can do to show my appreciation.

        Another thing that I noticed is that there is a sort of mutual admiration society between the bloggers. The moment you disagree you are alienated. Instantly. I left a comment on a popular blogger’s website which was not in agreement with what she had posted. My comment was conveniently ignored and the followers decided to take the matters in their hands. Gosh, it feels like high school again.

        Looking forward to reading more and more posts!
        Btw, the pictures are fabulous. Are you on Instagram?


  2. Your post leaves me with a lot to think about. How are my todays shaped? My tomorrows? Sometimes you stop thinking about this and then are taken by surprise.

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    • That’s an ultimate comment – when a post makes someone think! 😀 While some times surprises can be good, we never like to be shocked. It’s always good to pause for a while, once in a while.


  3. Who are we? When I look back, I’m a stranger to myself. I think who was that person and how could they be me, but they are. Going forward I have no idea what I will be and this is pretty comforting. Great post.


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