Calling You Out


That’s not a strategy. I hope you make a mistake which I will capitalise upon is the worst strategy ever. Wait. It is not a strategy. If there’s a game going on, which has two components — of offense and defense (yes, for once, I am using US spellings), what kind of a team are you – that plays just one component. And that one component that you play, is completely dependent on the mistakes of your opponent.


I support U Mumba — my home team. The celebrities of my city (most of them born and brought up here), support a team that is not their home team. Born, brought up here, you would expect they would support their home team. No. They support a garishly-pink team of Rajasthan. Only, because the garishly-pink team of Rajasthan, is owned by the first family of the local movie industry. In my personal opinion all the celebrity supporters are sucking up to the that first family rather than the pinkies. I have now seen the power of free pink-T-Shirts. Clearly. After having not lost one match since the league started, my team lost today. Yes. I am hugely upset. Yes, we lost to the pinkies. [Fair disclaimer, some would say]


Some smart guy somewhere, came to my team and made a big deal of playing defense. I think, he didn’t explain the difference between defense and defensive. My team is playing a defensive game, imagining it to a defense strategy. I doubt if my team will win this season. I say this even after the winning streak. All the games we have won, were won badly. They don’t want to play the full game. Strategies cannot be made in isolation. Strategies are made in the context of the opponents.  And our opponents are changing strategies every day. They are coming out to play. If our Coach does not see it, we are doomed.


There may still be a larger strategy in play here. I am not aware of it. If there is, I hope it helps us lift the trophy.


Friends are sending me links to articles of the success of their regional players in my team. The fact that the captain of their cricket league team (mired in controversy) is from Jharkhand, is, perhaps, lost upon them. I call this experience a “Twitter Orgasm,” Thankfully, I have learnt to ignore them. Further, that the only South Indian team is composed of heroes from Haryana is further lost to them.


I am a bad loser – you are sure to say. I am not, in reality. There’s no such thing as – “in the end the game of [insert name of game] wins” No game ever participates, it is played. Teams and players win or lose. Let not a pro-region commentator (who has to identify every player by town and state) define what you feel about the game. The [player]-[region] tag is his way of breaking the game. For, if that be a challenge, let’s have teams of state (which we do anyway).


There’s a good chance that my team will not pick up the trophy this season. Unless they fine-tune their strategy.


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