Information is not Experience

There’s a good chance this post won’t make sense. Fair warning, you will agree? OK. Proceed. [Or, Exit, Now]

They say the world has become a smaller place. Especially because of the communication tools we have. Right at our desk we can discover and participate in the ongoings of this world.

I disagree.

See, desk is key. Information is not experience. We are consuming information and allowing ourselves to believe that it is akin to experience. The smarter lot of us are choosing what information we consume. We are choosing the sources of information. Oftentimes we are celebrating the sources (even if indirectly) more than the information. And we are belligerently standing on the edges. Farther that we stand, louder we are shouting. Noise. Din. And every consumer of information is standing on the extreme left or the extreme right of the dial, and just shouting. Screaming. With no regard to the context of the screams.

10.53.08: Dandelions

I should be the last person to say this, given my knowledge of Maths, but I first heard of the term, irrationality in Mathematics. The purest of disciplines — introduced, perhaps, the nature of who we are. Yet we shout-out beliefs and battle with the other extremes, as if a victory is around the corner. It is an exercise in futility. Because neither of us will budge from our extreme positions and all we can do is hurl long-distance rhetorical missives.

Some of us know it as the zero-sum game.

Apart from a very personal sense of achievement, these battles are the most useless of all.


4 thoughts on “Information is not Experience

  1. I agree, the more we know doesn’t always mean the more we experience things. Facts are useless without the real life application. Like with the example of maths you gave, at least for me, I don’t care about calculus until I can see why it applies to the physics problem Im learning. I think knowledge is simply the bones, but the experience is the flesh, it’s what gives the knowledge the life it needs to make an actual impact on a persons life 🙂

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  2. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, that’s for sure. Mistaking information for experience… an easy trap to fall into. Perhaps it’s because we have such easy access to unlimited information and people are so eager to post about their personal lives on the electronic highway, that we are given a false sense of “experiencing” things that are not ours. Golly, I think I’m the one not making sense right now, but this is my experience at least.


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