Keep Giving Up

The temptation to give up, is high.

Well, you’ve stated the primary idea. Why write more? If people want to know more about your idea, they’ll Google it, or they’ll ask questions. My writing is suffering. I still love starting to write, but after the key note has been written, I lose interest. Who cares? I’ve just finished a post on my History blog. (as of when I am writing this post, it hasn’t been published). I can sense the gaps. It is staccato. I asked a few friends to check it. They end up telling me the things I know.

Even when I know how I should write, I don’t.

One of two things have happened: Blogging has changed and I haven’t, or, I have changed and Blogging hasn’t. When this mystery is solved, I’ll know what I should do.

Or, perhaps, there’s too much of a big deal with giving up and keeping at it. Why is giving up looked down upon? When you think hard about it, giving up actually opens up new avenues. If you give up there’s so many other things that you can do. If you, however, keep at it there’s only one thing you are doing, and chances are, you are doing it for some (potentially) foolhardy reason that you committed yourself to. Or perhaps, there’s merit in keeping at it.

So I should either give up at keeping at it, or keep at it at giving up.

Something tells me, they are the same, but, now I’ve lost interest. I give up.


9 thoughts on “Keep Giving Up

  1. I think I understand this one. I’m waiting for the right road to reveal itself. Knowing my luck, I’ll probably end up on a roundabout. Perhaps this time will pass. If that isn’t too irritating a sentiment. G’luck. There’s no shame in giving up where I’m sitting, but there are a few ways of giving up and coming back.

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    • Super comment! (I say this only because I have been pondering about it for a while now; therefore the late response). There *is* no shame in giving up. It all depends on *what* we are giving up. Do roads reveal themselves? We are so focussed on the one we are on, we hardly notice any other road. In my head, it’s the _follow through_ that’s taking the toll.

      Thanks for the luck; I think I need it; I’ll use it. 🙂

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  2. What about replacing the words ‘ keep giving up’ with surrender? I find that when I stop trying so hard to do things they find a way of working out that my ‘mind’ never would have ever imagined?


    • Welcome to Gaizabonts, Marie! 🙂

      In my head, there is a connotative difference between ‘giving up’ and ‘surrender’. While my my frustration at being unable to complete a post triggered this post, it led to the larger thought of what giving is. There is a third-party (in my head) with respect to ‘surrender. ‘Giving up’ is more personal. The former has an element of submission, the later a sense of ceasing. 🙂


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  4. Sometimes you need to give up the pretense of keeping at it. Sometimes you have to keep at the pretense of giving it up. But what do I know. I keep pretending that I know what I’m talking, and I’m never giving up keeping at it.

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