Cutting Time: Heaviness of Being

Time is a treacherous terrorist.

That sentence above could have been the entire content of this post. But it would have been so wrong.


My Grandmother freely embedded proverbs in her dialogue. Even when they did not rhyme, they always had a lyrical quality to it. As kids we used to be amused by it, more because of the way she delivered the dialogue, and I know now that the adults used to be intrigued. There’s one that she often used:

दात आहेत तेंव्हा चणे नाहीत, चणे आहेत तेंव्हा दात नाहीत.

Literally: When you have teeth (i.e. when you are young), you don’t have chickpeas (a nutty snack), and when you have the chickpeas, you don’t have teeth (i.e. when you grow old). The mood of the proverb seems defeatist, yet the moral is that you should do things at the time when you can do it. The moral is usually lost; the mood wins.

Cut, to many years later. Tezaab (1988). Girl is getting fresh with boy. Asks him to help her with studies. Boy says yes. Girl asks, “But, will you have the time?” Boy answers, ” Time isn’t there; it has to be taken out.” New cult dialogue takes birth. I belong to that generation. That’s my proverb.

Cut, to a few years later. I said:

Something that comes free to us has no value and therefore no respect. What if time wasn’t available to us as freely as it is available? Imagine if you had to ‘purchase’ time? Imagine if it had tangible value – and therefore a transaction – would we treat time differently? A friend once spoke casually of time as a commodity – traded on the stock market – does that send shivers down your spine? It did for me – for that ‘one moment’ in time. (It’s About Time: November 2006)

One more Cut. Then, in 2011, In Time (2011) gets released. Full circle.

095354: Old Plaster

I know, I have been cutting a lot. Now, cut, to July 6th, this year and I see this:

“Time, the currency that we can’t buy, is precious. But if we use those empty spaces well, maybe, just maybe, we won’t need to buy it. Right?” : Via Unbearable Heaviness of Being – Life in the New Web | A Fine Imbalance

You should read the full post. Please do.

Final cut. Cut, to today. The blogger above, another friend, and I, were having a banter on Twitter, today morning — we were talking about going on long drives. And I say:

Yup. Drives are expensive. The currency we deal in, is not money, it is time! 🙂


There’s so much back and forth we can do with time. We can cut to the past, we can cut to the present. Only through words. But that time has passed and ne’er shall it be ours again. All we can do for now, is seize this time that we have now and do something about it.

Later, we’ll have the chickpeas, but we wont have the teeth to chew them.


7 thoughts on “Cutting Time: Heaviness of Being

  1. I really like this post. Time is a very elusive thing… A noun and sometimes I feel a verb too. So familiar, and yet so strange and beyond comprehension. Future is history in a heartbeat. The moment we are inhabiting right now is all we have at any given “time” in our brief lives. Many nows become thens too quickly. It’s noble and godlike to vow not to waste time, but very human to do so. We were born to die, what could be nobler?

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