Helping Friends

A friend asked for help today.

Given the nature of help required, I wasn’t in a position to help. Let’s say it was a location-specific and network-specific help; I had access to neither. And even, after I tried the “degree-of-separation” help by calling folks who could have helped, it didn’t work.


Recently, I posted on Twitter about my follow-up mantra:

This applies when you want a prospect to return your calls, or a customer who hasn’t paid your bills. Long ago, I was in a situation which was quite scary. I got out of it unscathed, but a wise man who was also involved, said this to me, “If a person isn’t paying your dues, there are two reasons: either he cannot or he doesn’t intend to. Either of the reasons are bad for you.” I was very young then; I took it literally to be about people making payments.

1646: Rama

I’ve spent some time in this life, and I have discovered that it applies to almost anything, not just payments. We think we will get help. So we ask. And, sometimes, those that we think can help do not help. They have their limitations. They cannot, or, for whatever reason, they don’t want to. The smarter people of us will know the difference. Here’s the kicker: you don’t need to know the difference because either ways – it doesn’t benefit you. Got to move on.

I am blessed that I have had people in my life who have helped me. A few haven’t. I have stopped, however, wondering why the help didn’t come through. I have stayed away from it.

Even if I discover the why, it does not help solve my problem.


One thought on “Helping Friends

  1. I like your posts, they get me thinking. Help is quite a difficult subject, one to ponder for a few days, but I want to answer now. My first impulse is to say that help of the earthly type is rarely dependable and I include myself in this statement. I usually send out desperate prayers and the answers are never what I expect, but always what I need.


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