“How many friends do you have on Facebook?”

“About two hundred-something”

“That’s it?”


Recently, I’ve seen more than one post on social networks, where people in my timeline threatened to unfriend a few folks based on some criteria. There’s an inherent apology in that threat. Sorry, but you are quite un-followable. I have never felt the need to make this threatopology, if I may call it that. When I have seen a pattern that certain people adopt when using social networks, and if I do not subscribe to their method of sharing, I have just unfollowed them (Facebook) or just muted them (Twitter). The reason I don’t unfriend them (Facebook) or unfollow them (Twitter), is that it allows the possibility of direct messaging. I’ve noticed, more often than not, direct messages (or private messages) are made of worthwhile content. Having lesser people populate the timeline also helps me focus on what to see (and click-through) and what not to see (unfollow). We can achieve goals without extreme measures.

The platform is not the message.


11 thoughts on “Threatopology

  1. A “friend” may then wonder why you are not “Liking” or responding to any of his/her posts at all. What do you do then if you have unfollowed but not unfriended?


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