Being Afraid

Our fears are unfounded. They have no basis in reality. Some of our fears are real. And as real as they are, we are not talking of them today.

Face your fear!

That’s what they told us. They never, however, told us what we actually had to do. How was I, a person afraid, invite fear to have a cup of tea, face-to-face.

Good evening, fear, how are you, today? Care for a spot of milk? And, while we are at it, why is it that I am afraid of you?

1587: A Window in my Wall//

No, we never knew how to face fear. And we will ever know. For fear is not outside of us. No one bothered to tell us that fear, as such, didn’t exist, apart from what our mind created. Borrowing from experiences of others, assuming it could be our own. The faceless, formless thing that fear is, as much as we waved our swords in the foggy field, is nothing that we conquered.

No one to conquer. No one to slash to a heap, no name as a conquest.

It’s in your head.

Master-swordsman, that you are, slice it if you will.


With you.

Without you.

Despite you.


There is no facing fear. Fear is within.

It’s a part of us. And we can choose: if it can be; if it cannot be.


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