Tell Me…

…what makes a person interesting?


22 thoughts on “Tell Me…

  1. Interesting is a subjective term. What’s interesting to me, may not be for you.

    For myself personally, I believe that interesting people are those with a unique perspective on life, people who see things differently than the average person. These are often the people who are captivating story tellers, or those who have seen and heard crazy, weird and extraordinary things in such a strange world. To me that’s interesting.

    What do you think? What makes someone interesting to you?

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    • It is personal, yes, for sure.

      I agree with your take on what constitutes interestingness. These are the folks who widen our horizons, allow us to think, feel, and experience beyond what we normally do. I have been blessed in that I have such people in my life.

      There’s a follow-up post coming up, on the nature of interesting people. But, if were to write a comment about it, it would be very similar to yours! πŸ™‚

      Welcome to Gaizabonts! πŸ™‚

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  2. You (as in every individual).
    We have the capacity to make someone interesting (or boring), it depends on what we are after and that’s different for everyone.
    Remember your school days when some friend talked to you about his girlfriend for hours, about how marvelous she was and finally one day you meet her and the only thing you can think of is: What does he see on her?!?
    (clear answer?) πŸ˜€

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