Beauty: #Anthem 12

Every time I think of an Anthem post, I think of one thing only: How come I didn’t think of this song as an Anthem. Paul takes all the blame. Needless to say he takes all the credit, for these posts.

Madhubala, is the most beautiful woman ever. Feel free to send in other contestants, on this blog, they will rank later. We’ll of course make an exception for Charlize Theron, because she is alive and Madhubala is not. So, separate categories. The one advantage of having your own blog is that β€” you get to decide. So, Madhubala is the best of those who don’t exist, and Charlize is the best of those who do. At this time, you all should know that Charlize was one of protagonist in The Italian Job (2003). The primary protagonist was Mark Wahlberg, who BTW follows me on Twitter. (I am glad that we have that out-of-the-way)

I spent this evening with my uncle, and we sang some wonderful songs. We are separated by 25 years and we are together by the music of the 60s. Most of these songs were made before I was born. Yet, I relate to them. The presence of beautiful women is just one thing. The nature of two lovers, the stories of yore, and the way we relate to this music, all comes together to make meaning.

How could anyone not? In the video below, watch Madhubala at 1:45 and at 3:15.

It’s a love song; needs no translation. When you see it, you will know.


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