Of all the people who would congratulate me for completing a thousand posts, one friend did not. Of all the people who would, I was looking forward for her congratulations. Because of this blog, I have made some very good friends. Over time, I’ve lost some of them. This one friend has stuck with me, for a very long time. She has challenged me in every possible way to become a better blogger.


I belong to a generation that used to write letters. For all of you young people, let me explain. A letter, meant, using pen and paper, writing words and sentences on paper, with a pen, often multiple sheets, folding them to fit an envelope, neatly slapping a postal stamp on it, and sending it wherever your friend may be. It took days for the message to reach your friend. I promised one such letter; never posted it. Two other friends, who have long followed and appreciated this blog offered muted responses. Yaay. Like. Good fun. And such. In my head I make excuses. He is living his own life. The other is on a holiday. She had a difficult conversation, recently. And, the other, she is choosing not to associate.

Once upon a time, when it was in vogue, I used to check blog-stats every 6 hours. Who came? Where did they come from? Which post did they like? Six odd years ago, I stopped caring about it.


Early days of our blog, it’s important to know who likes what. After a while it is all about you. (unless of course you blog is about making money, that’s a different ball game). I like where I am.


And it’s a difficult proposition to accept where we are. Some times we like it. Often we don’t. That’s when it becomes difficult.  Do we allow the misunderstanding to propagate? Or do we clear it? Is it for us to tell or is it for them to ask?

Orange Nylon against A Ship Half Built


One day, some day, we will look out to the sea, hopefully the blank sheet will reflect what we should have known.


2 thoughts on “1001

  1. 🙂 Don’t be sad if your friend didn’t congratulate you on time. I’m sure she will. Life keeps happening around us, even if we don’t want it 🙂
    Congratulations again, 1001 posts is a huge achievement. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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