People Like Us

If you don’t know, I also write at another blog. It is called His Story Telling, and it has a primary focus on a region and a period of history (which may not be necessarily of interest to you) that I’d like to know much more about. I study about this region and this period, and I write about it. When I started this blog, I felt quite lonely. I felt, there were hardly any people like me who wanted to look at this history, objectively. I was (and am) working against a current of glorification. Woe, me, the vagaries of historical conversations!

One of my posts on that blog was so well received, someone thought it prudent to copy the content from a post and paste it to Wikipedia. Here I am trying to unshackle history from glorification and here I am re-shackling it with strength. There was no surrender, but I stopped fighting for a while. [Begin: Ramble Warning] A good fight is better when another person says, “Let’s fight.” It doesn’t matter if they actually fight or not. It matters that you don’t feel alone. Long time ago, in a very different context I had experienced this, and I walked away from a battlefield. For I knew not who I was fighting and who was fighting with me. When I asked the soldiers, they shrugged their shoulders, for they knew not even. They were just fighting. Living a template. Have sword, will fight. Like uniforms, ideals are shades of grey, and, after a while, it becomes impossible to discern the them and the us. [End: Ramble Warning (Maybe)]

I’ve tried multi-author blogs before. I’ve never been successful. My insistence that co-authors should write, has been misconstrued. But a past failure should never be a determinant of what today is pregnant with.

Andy Dufresne: [in letter to Red] Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. ~ The Shawshank Redemption (1994)


Someone, liked my history blog. Asked to be a friend. We exchanged our understanding and ideas of history offline. I invited him to join as a co-author on my history blog. He came. He conquered. I am so glad he is a story-teller. Both of us are happy and we are discussing new ideas. I think ‘His’ Story Telling, has a future.


There are people like us. Our natural inclination is to make big deal, that we are unique. That we are lonely. That no one will ever understand us. That “making-a-big-deal” is the first step of isolation. And that “making-a-big-deal” is also the cause of our isolation. If we’d just step out, we’d know how similar we are. How many common interests we have. How much fun we can have together, if we’d allow it. It is possible that we would hate utterly dislike the experience. I give you that. Yet, if we say, “YES” to all invitations, we have a chance to experience fun and open doors hitherto closed.

4586: Street Struggle

We think it is not possible. But one thing is sure if we are willing to open all doors and windows, and expose ourselves.

There are people like us.


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