To Be and To Do

To be, and to do, are two very different things. The act may be the same. And yet, it is different.

Just because you sing (“do”) you aren’t a singer (“be”).

More often than not, people will recognise who you are. Not what you do.


7 thoughts on “To Be and To Do

  1. I’ve just returned from my Tai chi class and if ever there was an activity that combined being and doing than it certainly qualifies as a good one. I think there is a big divide between doing and being, because people are not happy with who they are or what they are doing. It’s hard to accept ourselves as we are. Change happens no matter what, and if we are at peace with who we are, than being and doing become one. Don’t look to others for validation of the self, they are battling their own inner demons. Just be as you are doing, it’s enough.


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