Destiny, You are Mine

In terms of identity, what’s the most personal thing for you?

I’ll look for your answers in the comments; as for me, a fingerprint and a retina scan are as personal as it gets. One is in the US database, the other in the UK database.


A few years ago I was to apply for a US visa. Along with the form, I had to attach a few kilos worth of supporting documents. Notwithstanding the effort it caused, I carried a file of a few kilos worth of original documents to be photocopied to the local store who had a photocopier machine that was placed between an ice-cream freezer and a refrigerated counter of branded cola drinks.

“All of these need to be photocopied.”

“That’s a lot. Will take some time. Leave it here, I’ll send a boy to deliver when it’s all done.”

Bread, medical plaster, desiccated coconut, pulses, gram flour, soda, and such things was what he used to deliver at the beck of a phone call from us. He knew us well.

“I’d rather stay.”

“It might take a couple of hours. No need for you to stay. I’ll send it home as soon as it is done.”

“These are important papers. Certificates, testimonials, account statements — all originals. I dread to imagine losing any of the papers. This is my life!”

I will never forget his face.

“A paper here or there may get lost; your destiny — can never be taken away or be lost. Go home. I’ll have the originals and the photocopies sent.”


Privacy is personal. The act of revealing who we are is an extremely personal choice. When I read various articles scaring us about privacy (some intentional, some not) I often ask myself, if I have long crossed the line. Given my presence on the Internet, there’s enough to know about me as a person. Given the degree of how well you are connected with me, you may know or not know things.


Is my attitude cavalier? Do I care less? No. I don’t voluntarily share personal information that I do not want to share. Privacy is (truly) violated when the inner recess of your self is exposed. Everything else is data and it is out there for some one to extract and expose. We just have to balance how and where we are seen.

No one can steal our destiny.


8 thoughts on “Destiny, You are Mine

  1. Love the story… I don’t know what’s the most personal thing for me. It changes from moment to moment. I feel that everything I am is on loan, so I try not to be too attached to things. Destiny is elusive and very fleeting. As we all know all life ends on the same note for everyone. I feel death is the only destiny ultimately. This is not a bad thing.


    • Thank ye @ story. Your comment makes me feel like, “we live on borrowed time.” 🙂 The classic debate of journey vs. destination comes in to play here. I hear you, mate. In between birth and death there is a substance; and it would be good fun to know what it is. Yeah? 😀


  2. I think all the actions that we have done or are doing are all related and they all contribute to our destiny in one way or the other. As for my most personal thing – My Beliefs 🙂


  3. Actually, I agree with what you’ve said! For me, the most personal things is myself – my innermost thoughts and deepest emotions. The rest are just papers – an identity forged for a safer connection with the rest of the world.


  4. Very well written and Agree!!!
    What’s out there is data…at best you can put data together and create a profile about who we are, just like they profile criminals on Criminal Minds. But data will never be enough for you to know the real person…the person without the mask,

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    • I am glad so many of you agree. There is something, after all, that is so personal that no one can take away. Cheers! 🙂 (BTW, I was wondering if you meant to rite more, given that you ended your comment with a comma!) 😉


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