Salaam-e-Ishq: #Anthem 10

It’s a love song. A salute to love. At the least.

But we haven’t cared much. The boys know it is a love song. Yet we haven’t cared much. We sing it for the joy it brings us. There’s of course a story of “we”. A friend and I love this song. We have been in in Karaoke bars. We have been in non-karaoke bars. We have been at his place. We have been at my place. We have been in posh places. Irrespective of the places we have been, we have sung this song. With as much emotion that was possible. Our wives and girlfriends have been suitably embarrassed, and we have sung this song with all the passion we could gather. No more. Perhaps, for good measure, but I miss it.

Like my first anthem, which I will only ever sing with that one friend of mine, this is a song that I will sing with this other friend of mine. That’s the only the back story of the song. The song by itself? That’s another story.

Your choice, if you will poison me or cure me; how you seek love, I leave it to you. Favour. Favour.

This is the magnum opus of the #Anthem Challenge. And I reserved this song for this count. It is the greatest love song ever, and it is just a coincidence that it gets posted on this day. I did not plan it that way. No one day can be the descriptor of love. Because if that were true, then what are we for the rest of the year?

Being in love is a full-time business. You may have more than a day when the celebrations come to the fore, but if we are to wait for those days to celebrate love, we aren’t, already.

I am posting a video of the anthem with English subtitles. I can assure you, they do not do justice to the emotional array in this song. Like so many love songs that you know. Same difference makes so much more meaning in this context. There’s a way to be in love.

I often feel, people miss the point.


Enjoy the Video.


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