The End of Things

First, I thought I’d title this post, “The End of Good Things.” But I wasn’t going to write only about the end of good things, I was also going to write about the end of bad things. So, things made more sense. The thought occurred to me because I now have only one post due in the Anthem challenge that I have taken up. And there has been so much music playing in my head since the last #Anthem post, I am in a state of utter confusion. So many songs play in my head, stringing an additional sarcastic note, “Oh, so I don’t make the cut, do I?”

A part of me wants to make sure that the last post has to be the greatest Anthem. A magnum opus of sorts. And I do have a song in mind. I know, I will think of another song after I post #Anthem 10, and that undeniable sense of aarghness will set in.

Who Erased my Lines?

That’s what prompted “The End of Good Things.”

But then, bad things also end. We tend to think that they never do, but they do. It’s just that we shower so much attention and importance to bad things, we inadvertently prolong them that the seem permanent. (We should practice tactical ignorance.) But they do end, because, if bad things didn’t end, you wouldn’t have good things. And we know for sure, that all good things come to an end. And the very fact that good things exist, which we know, because they come to an end, means that bad things also exist and come to an end. While I am unable to put my finger on it, some sort of double-proof is going on here. To what purpose, I am not sure. What I am sure of, is that I have amply demonstrated that both good and bad things exist, and both come to an end.

They are not necessarily linear, successive, or predictable. They can co-exist. They’ll come in sharp bursts or stay long, like uninvited guests.

The Anthem Challenge was a good thing for me. And it will end, when I post the 10th Anthem. I have a feeling, however, that I may not allow this good thing to end. And while Paul asked for only 10 Anthems, he never said we have to stop at that. So that’s what I going to do, I am not going to allow a good thing to end.

So, while bad things may come and go, I’ll keep a good thing going, for as long as I can.


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