Time & Love

Where will our investments take us? The better question is, perhaps, what will they bring us? The word return is so inherently associated with investments, it seems a pertinent question. What will it bring us?

Nothing, at least nothing that we can convincingly predict, it seems. We may hope from the tallest mountain or the deepest point in the sea, but what it brings us is the perfect unknown. Yet, we invest. Time. Money. Effort. Love. Money and Effort apparently have an advantage of a degree of prediction, if you are in the game. While one is specific and the other an abstract, they are still slaves to formulas. Somewhat. They aren’t reliable, but are at least comforting. They are calculable. Time & Love have none of the luxuries that Money & Effort have.

7789: Setting our Dreams FreeTime & Love have to be released, like birds or balloons. In the air. The value for us, in their release, has to be in the release; not in the expectation that they will bring back to us gifts from the blue skies. And yet, if you are looking for return, the pleasure of the release has to be the return. Our Time & Love escaping into a vastness of apparent infinity is the return.

There are no means for us to track these investments, no way to know how they are doing; as much as the pedestrian magazine advice available to us, for consumption. There are surveys, experiences, and theories that want to inform us. Yet, none of them prepare you for what is to come; a personal experience. And I say it in a good way. It does not prepare you when it comes back as the best thing in your life.

All we can (and should) do is let them rise to the skies.

And when we let go, we allow them to take a path they want. They may never come back to us.

Or, maybe, they will.




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