All’s Well; Onward

It has been about loss. We all lose things. They are lost to us forever. Some are trinket-like, and can be found. But our sense of loss dominates the sense of recovery. And some of what we lose is forever; it takes a piece of our heart with it. Our tears are equal at the moment of the loss; trinket or heart. Some losses we get over; for some, the tears continue, silently where no one ever sees them. We shed tears without shedding tears.

It has been about failures. My standards, your standards, acquired standards, inherited standards. We lived by them and we died by them. Because we didn’t actually die, we gave them a name. A failure. And we looked at how we lived against those standards. And when we didn’t; we called it a failure. However, where we always failed, is when we gave no credit to our effort and let the standard dictate the definition.

It has been about gain. Love. While we got busy balancing the books of our life, we did no justice to the important things that we gained, because they didn’t have the columns in our balancing books. But we gained much. Love, e.g. Unable to ascribe a value, we discarded it. But we did gain it. We gained wisdom. We gained discretion. Most important, we gained the sense to know when, where, and how to use our wisdom.

It has been about experience. Not the one we often talk about. Experience is less about the depth of one topic. It is more about the breadth of topics. Depth is not futile; it’s just that breadth spans horizons. We will hardly ever be in situations where we have depth of experience; we will more often be in situations that demand the breadth of our experience.

It has been about success. In fact, it has always been about success. We have sensed it rarely. Yaaay! Those moments have to celebrated more than you think. Like the failures that were stabbed by standards. The degree of a Yaaay! is inconsequential. Each of it has to celebrated with equal aplomb.

It has been about learning. For sure. But where will this learning take us? Will we become armchair activists or will we walk in the field? What will we do with all that learning? Will we only blog and tweet about it or will we make a difference? Will we question what we learnt? Will we un-learn and re-learn?

It should be about letting go. Yes, it should be. But will we? I want to and I will. This day becomes the start and the end of things. Some things end; some start. What will come out of it?

All’s well; Onward!


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