Her Challenge

Given the kind of posts that are usually published on this blog, this one may come as surprise to you. Assuming you have been reading this blog for a while.

And since she, almost, challenged me, I’ll publish this one.

What’s love? And therefore, what’s sex? Are they mutually exclusive or all-encompassing? Who’s the predecessor? What comes first? Do we have to be in love to have sexual intercourse (SI)? Or, is SI a natural animal instinct? But, since we have discovered that we cannot have an SI with any random person, there must be an element of familiarity between the two bodies, that engage in SI. What is that relationship? Is it only a sense of familiarity, is it friendship (mostly not, because most of us men know that being friends with a girl is, ah, well…)

In the end, it doesn’t matter.

The complex grid of implications leaves you in a corner. Then, love remains. And one weak flute to announce it.

And the smarter of the two genders, at that moment, will be looking East, unfortunately, you latecomers, behind them, will also be looking in the same direction.

Too much of a ritual has been made of a man and woman being together,. So much so that a thousand years later, man and woman is warped in that ritual.

Break it.

Come away.


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