Thank you & a Happy New Year

A post is due.

The blog anniversary a couple of days ago, got a one-word mention. It was less ceremonial, and more about registering attendance, so to speak. My (small) world at large, knew I completed eleven years of blogging. I got one comment on that post, and it makes up more than, for the absence of others. I am not upset, sad, or angry. I am just happy about that one comment.


I was traveling all through the last week. And it was travel that was saturated with amazement and wonder. More about that, next year. While I was traveling, I did post a post. For some reason, the mobile WordPress app refused to publish a post with an image. The attendance post, however, made it to the publishing finish line, possibly because it did not have an image.


I am not going to write about my resolutions, or a look-back on the year. It’s usually useless. Assuming that I work on the things that I want to, you will see the changes; the more intimate you are with me, you will notice more; or not. It follows, perhaps, that if you do not see any changes, you aren’t intimate with me. That would be amusing and confusing, at the same time.


IMG 20141230 134911

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope the clouds float away, and we all see the lovely light that we have sought. I wish it brightens our lives and we are happy in the way we are supposed to be.


I want to thank you all for visiting, reading, liking, rating, and commenting on my blog for the last eleven years. You may never know it, but it means a lot.

I am grateful. Thank you.


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