Of Gratitude

If you have followed this blog for a while, you will know that of the many things that I am blessed with, is my friends. And this blessing has little to do with the companionship, which, of course I treasure, but has more to do with the idea that my friends challenge me to become a better person. I believe I do the same, but I cannot be the one claiming that.

A couple of days ago, a friend, who I respect tremendously, and I met for coffee. We had limited time, because I had to leave in 90 minutes for another engagement. It also happened that we were meeting after several years. Maybe 4 or 5. We didn’t spend time trying to recollect the time that had passed since we last met. We agreed that it was somewhere in an acceptable range and hugged each other. We had to walk to a cafe, that was about 10 minutes away. In those 10 minutes, we completed the trite conversation. Life, work, family and such updates.

After ordering food, we were, as if we have met everyday. We came directly to the problem at hand. We both are interested in photography and we both haven’t been photographing much. He talked of how we could transpose […] photography to […] photography. (I keep the blanks, because it’s his idea, and it’s an idea that’s WIP. Those details don’t harm this narration in any way.). We talked of how our audience experiences what we do. His ideals of art are higher than mine. It’s ironic that he considers me a good photographer, when I consider the same about him. Many ideas of scale, experience, technology, and intent were discussed. What he discovered when he was doing […] photography, how I decided to deceive the POV experience of my audience when I used […] techniques. How no one questioned that image. How, over time, a good photograph has come to become less valuable than an appealing photograph.

2756: Glastonbury Abbey, UK

This quality of conversation is where I feel I blessed. It has nothing to do with the number of friends that I have. I am blessed that smart and knowledgeable people are willing to be a part of my life. And each time I speak with them, they make me a better person and force me to ask questions that I have shied away from.

For making me a better person, I am grateful to all my friends.


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