Truth, Lies Beneath

Seek out the Truth.

That, many say, is what we should be doing. And it is a noble pursuit, hell, even necessary some times. The same aforementioned many also say that the truth shall set us free. Which seems like a good state for us to be in — free.

So we march ahead and seek the truth. We attempt to uncover the lies, for, perhaps, truth lies beneath the lies. And we pull off that potential layer of deceit, throw it out, and dig further. All the time discarding the layers we have uncovered.

Or, we take the biggest thing we know and we chisel it, in the hope of discovering the truth. We keep breaking it down, the smallest indestructible unit, perhaps will be the truth.

Some of us find the truth, some don’t.

This post is for those of us who haven’t found the truth. If you have, the rest of this post is not for you.

8973: Beach Walk
The big question, really, is what is the truth? If we do not know what we are looking for, how will we know if and when we find it? What will allow us to recognise it? Someone has to tell us, “Here, this is the truth.” That would allow us to find it. That will allow us to know when to stop uncovering the layers or when to stop chiselling. But it occurs to me (as it may already have occurred to you, my dear reader) that we already know the truth. We have been told! The exercise, then, of seeking truth. is mere academic in purpose. If we haven’t been told, that’s a different world altogether. I have no idea how we will ever know the truth. Perhaps we feel it. But truth isn’t like heat, or cold. I am not sure how we can feel it, or experience it.

It’s the not knowing that gets to us. The silence of unawareness is like a quiet chainsaw cutting through us noiselessly without emotion. It is painful as an experience, but it does not hurt us in a meaningful way. Unless of course, we are aimlessly uncovering or chiselling.

Truth, I think, should seek us out.

I am not suggesting that we be blissful in an ignorant way. We should just allow truth to come to us. Richard Bach, once said, something similar, but about seeking love:

“Flying with the wind, Richard, from town to town, has it occurred to you that’s not a way to find her, that’s a way to lose her?” ~ Richard Bach, in The Bridge Across Forever

In the Pas de deux of assumption and investigation, there is much fatigue.

I am going to wait for the truth to be told.


PS: Of the many blessings I have in my life are my friends. Even if some do not live in the same city that I do. Of the many blessings I have in my life, is that we find time to have lovely conversations. Thank you.


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