True Love: #Anthem 6

A couple of years, and this song will be fifty years old.

C. 2007, when I was living in London, an unsocial person I know, was working somewhere in Eastern Europe. I call him a person, because he is more than a friend, more than a brother. I do not have a word for what our relationship is. Something like this song from Khamoshi.

It’s just a feeling, experience it with your soul, let love be love, do not give it any other name. (YouTube: This is not the #Anthem Song of this post)

I have traditionally been a Mukesh and a KL Saigal fan. In the last few years, I have tended to become choice-less, and perhaps, this Anthem is at fault. There was a party at my place, I remember. He was supposed to attend the party. Unfortunately this person took a flight into Gatwick and (obviously) reached when the party was over. He came home, when I was cleaning up. However, for me, and for him, a new party started at 1AM.
Alone Again

Paul Simon is one of our many glues.

After he had been fed and hydrated, he asked me to play a song. I said, I didn’t have it. YouTube to the rescue. I had, obviously heard the song before. I rediscovered it that night, around 3AM.

An entire night was spent talking about this song. Of the views that this song has on YouTube, we have contributed the most. It was playing in a loop till the wee hours of the morning. Somewhere, in that late-night and early-morning, in the dense conversation about this one song, we discovered ourselves, while we rediscovered this song.

It’s a love song, needless to say. But it’s a love song with a twist. For those of you do not understand Hindi/Urdu, I highly recommend this translation.

As I move towards finishing the Anthem Challenge that Paul proposed, I am not sure if I am doing justice. But these songs do work like an Anthem for me. And I’ll go by the comment that Paul left, on one of the anthems—the songs are my anthems. This song is one of them. I play it rarely. When I do, it is an orchestra of emotions.


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