Death by Things

Privacy is a matter of life and death. Literally.

“Williams, whose firm provides application security, doesn’t know exactly how IoT might be used to kill someone or what device will be implicated in the nefarious scheme, but considers it a certainty that a connected device will play a role in a murder.” : Coming soon: Murder by Internet | Computerworld:

It is amusing (and equally concerning) that I have been thinking how it could really happen.

Could someone, for example, hack our refrigerator and heat it up, make the cheese go really bad, and we end up eating it; get poisoned? Or perhaps lock our doors, disconnect our phones, and freeze us to death by turning down the temperature on the air-conditioner?

Eight years ago, I was thinking about identity, privacy, and anonymity. Not much has changed, I see.


It seemed to me, then, that people who are anonymous are less private and people with public identities are more private. Anonymity and privacy felt inversely related, somehow. No more the case; people display their identity and are public about all aspects of their life.


On a separate note, if you read the above-linked post on anonymity, you will notice that I perhaps lost some posts when I shifted from Blogger to WordPress. So, I guess, if I fall a few posts short, I can still consider, I hit the 1000-mark.

No, that’s not cheating. That’s being practical!


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