New Year Resolution

Since they usually never work on the first day of the first month, how about starting them a month earlier?

Gives us time to settle in, sort of.

List of things that we want to do. List of things we don’t want to do. Gives us time to ease in. Resolutions should always be done before time.


We think of all the things we want to do. We really want to do them. We think of all the things we don’t want to do. We really don’t want to do them.

And then we say to ourselves: this is the life I have to live.

Adaptability is the worst quality of human beings. Of all the qualities we possess as human beings, that’s one thing that is our weakness. As we learnt acceptance, we forgot what gave us pleasure.

Ah, well. This life for you. Next life for me. I am sorry. If you don’t believe in incarnation.


4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution

  1. I never liked resolutions. For some reason, they make me feel like I am tied down by the promises I make to myself. I like being free, impulsive, doing or not doing something because I feel so at that moment. It is actually a relief when I can’t keep up my resolutions because that shows I haven’t changed. When I follow them, something very fundamental about me is changing.


    • Some resolutions are like that, I agree. Some come from deep within. This one’s more of those kind. So we don’t need a specific date for them, we don’t need celebratory events. In a way, the former ones are exactly like the ones you mention – being free; doing what we like (and perhaps haven’t been doing, for some reason). More importantly, welcome to Gaizabonts! I am super excited to see your comment! 😀


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