Peace and Intention: #Anthem 5

People who have followed this blog for a while…


I’ve been saying this too often. So let me say a bit about that. I’ve recently got a couple of followers who take the trouble to read all my posts and like, or still better: comment on my posts. Some of my followers from yore, read my posts, smile and do whatever they have to do. They have known me for a while now. After a while, I guess transactions don’t mean much. #NotBeingSarcastic

When I mention any version of “People who have followed this blog for a while…” I am only offering context to those who have recently started following me. OK, context done.


People who have followed this blog for a while, know my love for travel. While this started as a “travel” blog it has now become a “travel” blog. Not all journeys need roads, rails, or flight corridors. Yup, I am talking about all the flights of fancies that happen in our head. That’s travel too.

Of the ways I like to travel, I like driving the best. I have a car that am in love with and she loves me back, much. Whenever I take the car out for a long drive, I always start with a specific song. That, undoubtedly has to be an anthem, the way Paul proposed. There must be a million versions of this song, (I’ll explain the italics, momentarily) I am sure, and a few of them, may be more beautiful than the one I like, yet this is the one version that gets me started after the ignition. Some time ago, I talked about Driving Rituals, and it is a good thing that I did not mention one ritual. This song. Having not mentioned this ritual in that post allows me to publish this Anthem.


The video below, has translation embedded in it. If, for any reason, it does not play in your region, please search for “Ik Omkar Rang de Basanti.” This is the translation, if you are unable to see the video.

I said song earlier. And that’s the most generic term I could have used. It’s a prayer. It’s an invocation. It’s a reminder. And it is much more. Why should this be the one song I play when I embark on a journey? I cannot tell you of a logical connection. I can tell you this, however:

It is ethereal for me. It is divine. It makes me feel peaceful. It injects happiness. It sets the agenda for my journey. It somehow, tells me how I should drive, what I should seek in and from my journey. It sets the intention for my journey. We learn many prayers as we navigate life. One prayer and invocation becomes ours, forever. This one is mine.


2 thoughts on “Peace and Intention: #Anthem 5

  1. That was a nice song/prayer. I listen to it several times. I love the ending just before the lady says the last words. The more I listened the more the meaning changed for me till I liked one meaning and I’m staying with it 🙂 (We must remain true and honest to ourselves).

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