Offence Update

It has been a fortnight since I decided to disengage from the offence and outrage on social networks. I can tell you, that for the last couple of weeks I am feeling much better. I have been carefully curating what I see, and I must say that the results so far are heartening. An angry and upset statement does pass through, once in a while, but I am learning to quickly move to the next nice statement or message. This also means that I must be missing a few nice and useful statements, and that is fine, for now at least, till I find a better way.

This is what you can do with mediums where you can control and curate what you see. Mass media is another story. If you are watching TV, you have to change channels or switch it off. If you are driving along the highway in the city, you can’t close your eyes to a hoarding that is, well, offensive. For such things, you have to use another tool, that we had since we were born.




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