Rounding Calculations

People who have read my blog for a (long) while may safely disregard this post. You’ve read this post at least ten times before this. Yes, it’s my annual, matching-up, of days and posts remaining, as I draw closer to my blog-anniversary. People who have followed this blog for several years now can predict with high accuracy, the content that is to follow.

IMG_1837Thirty-four days left for my blog-anniversary β€” the eleventh, by the way β€” and sixty-eight posts to go to reach a round figure of a thousand posts. Which means that there is a real opportunity to reach this goal if I post twice a day. Of course, on the eleventh anniversary oneΒ would try to reach for a number that sounds more like eleven hundred rather than a thousand. But it just so happens that thousand is the closest round number to nine-hundred and thirty-two.

Now, all I have to do is think of two things in a day that are bloggable. And no cheating this time. No photo-posts, no re-posts from my other blogs, no counting posts on other blogs towards this goal. Also, I won’t change the anniversary date to January first, to extend the deadline, although, that also seems like a well-rounded date.

Disclaimer: Not a single number was used in this post. All numbers were displayed only using letters and words.


7 thoughts on “Rounding Calculations

  1. First off, always a pleasure following your blog, especially this time of the year. Secondly, I know you won’t slack off. You always come through, otherwise count down blogs always welcome.

    Congratulations in advance. Personal blogging has gone through quite a change and to see you survive makes people like me hopeful.

    Will look forward to some fun posts. Also a coffee date can help with a lot of ideas. πŸ™‚


    • Ah! Merci. Given that I haven’t posted a single post in the last 48 hours, I feel I am already slacking. I think I think too much about what’s bloggable or not. Coffee is always welcome; it gives new ideas.


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