No Offence

I am tired of the outrage and the taking offence that is going around almost everywhere. It is taxing. At the same instance, we are learning to look at all that is good, make positive affirmations, and such; and we are getting angry and upset at every ad copy, or a statement by a Tier 6 politician or a celebrity. Humour is almost impossible. The punchline has always been at someone’s or something’s cost, and since there is at least one of us who belongs to the someone or the something, there is offence. This, however, has been true for a long time. What has changed in recent times is the ease with which information flows and the number of people accessing this information. As each one of us becomes a publisher (or at least a curator of some sort) our self-importance has grown.

The problem lies in the media (e.g. a tweet) but it seems that there is no escape, unless we exit the medium (e.g. Twitter). One may argue that the problem really lies in the person creating the media, but, hey, same difference. Such media has little content; lot of anger.

0405: Neptune and Triton - 10

How much does our life really change by a word that gets out? Not much, some would say; a lot, others may argue. Either way, we always have a choice. We can choose to be influenced by what is said. All over the world, especially in India, newfound publishing tools are being abused to give undue importance to otherwise trivial matters. I hardly see folks calling for a debate or a conversation on issues that matter. Often, they take an extreme position, enter an argument, and don’t yield.

The gap widens and we become further apart.

0420: Monument to Emily Georgiana, Lady Winchilsea

No offence; I am disengaging from this anger and cynicism.


8 thoughts on “No Offence

  1. I agree. People take offence at the slightest and most trivial of comments and it is draining. I sometimes wonder if this is a media driven, government sponsored tactic, to divert the attention of mere common folk (like ourselves), away from the real issues that affect everyone who lives on planet Earth.

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