Be-ing: #Anthem 3

I am continuing with the Anthem meme that Paul started. This one’s a little different from the earlier two. In that it is a popular song, or at least I think it is. I generally do not like contemporary Bollywood music because it is all about discos, late nights, alcohol, sex, and such. Not that I am against any of those things. My problem is with the music: it is transient, it hardly penetrates my skin, forget the heart or the mind. Not all contemporary Bollywood music is like that however, if you listen through all the trash, you will find a few gems.

There’s music that appeals to many senses, some that appeals to some senses, and some, rare type of music, that appeals to a specific sense.

I call this: my energy song.

Unlike the previous two Anthems, I do not have a story about this song. This is a new song (from the movie Highway which released early this year, and which, I don’t recommend, BTW) so I haven’t found time enough to have a story for this song. Yet, it is on #3 of my “most played” songs in my music library. Perhaps, that explains (at least for me) that the kind of music we seek in life, is an indicator of what we seek in life.

The meaning of this song is multi-layered, so I will definitely not leave a translation here. But for my readers who do not know Hindi or Punjabi, here’s a link of the direct translation. If you can peel off the words and delve in, I will call you lucky (or smart; you can choose). At each play-count, a small opening allows me to get deeper into the song, but that’s just me (and I have the advantage of having studied in Hindi and having many Punjabi friends in my formative years).

This #3 Anthem of mine, is sung by the Nooran sisters. I was first introduced to them in their Coke Studio performance.

In Patakha Guddi (Female) — the title of this Anthem — the kind of energy that the sisters and A. R. Rahman have cooked in the cauldron is no less than the magic potion by Getafix. I hope you enjoy it as much as I continue to.


6 thoughts on “Be-ing: #Anthem 3

  1. Hi Atul, the video was not available in my country so I searched it on YouTube and I also saw the video. I didn’t look at the translation. I wanted to see what the song (and video) said to me :). (Later tell me how far I was from the truth 🙂 ). Is she singing about freedom and that she can do whatever she wants if she puts her mind on it? Or is she just running away? 🙂

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