Mind the Gap

Some people should write more often. Definitely more than a post every two months, on an average. It means a lot to the readers. But, perhaps these folks should not write more often. Supply demand economics will come into play. I am not sarcastic by default, but I can be sarcastic when I feel the need. I am not being sarcastic at this time. The Ides of November called into question (and answer) much that this year has been about.

This year died a long time ago for me. I am just dancing on its corpse, awaiting January, so that I may alight. I would elaborate on this thought, but much has been said about the tone of recent posts (Go to Archives, and read all posts in 2014) on this blog.)

<start:pet peeve>

Each entry that you write is a post and this collection of posts makes your blog. That one entry that you make in your blog is not your blog. That’s a post or an article. That entire collection of your entries? That’s a blog. Each of those entries in your blog? That’s a post.

<end:pet peeve>

I like the “gap year” concept in the post (post; not blog) that I have linked to, above. It makes so much sense. What’s interesting is that it is never obvious and we end up writing about it in November – the fag end. If you have read my blog for a while, you will know of my love/hate relationships with dates, especially rounded numbers and milestone dates, as well as the conflict I face with social sharing. That notwithstanding, after I read Amit’s post, I’ve decided this has to be the gap year (for me) that he so wonderfully describes. I didn’t need the post to inform me about it; his post just confirmed it, in a way.

9240: Small Gaps

Which, in a funny way, means that I have less than two months of left, of the gap year.

There’s this notion of point of no return. It has always intrigued me. I always measure distance in terms of the time it takes you to go there “and” return here. So, in my head, the point of no return has to be more than half of getting there. It’s like middle-age. People say, Oh, I’ve hit middle age. I always wonder how people can say that. To be able to say, you are in the middle age, you have to know when you will die. Else you are just statisticalising (Yup, I made up that word)

The one risk I face, come, end of December, is that I do not learn from this gap-year. Irrespective; if I chose the learning or it was imposed on me. The next year will have to be different. Either we will board the train or we will exit the platform.

Else, we risk another gap year.


13 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. One thing I’ll always envy you is that library of self-clicked images you have to go with the text! I know you’d be kind enough to borrow one if I desperately need one, but that doesn’t stop me from envying you, in the healthiest way possible.

    And you hit the nail on the raw nerve when you talk about “learning” from the gap year. You still have hope, I see. And I envy that too.

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    • Since I can seldom write as well as you, I need that visual advantage! And yes, you are free to borrow whenever you like. 😀

      I have, so far, only learnt that this is a gap year. What it implies, will take some more learning. But, yes, there’s hope. As they say, the word is established on hope!

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      • You’re kind (although I know you won’t say what you don’t mean). The only reason why I don’t envy you your writings is that I know on good days I could, on good days, be on a nearby plain. But with images, I know better than to even dream it. The only good thing is, I think I’ve improved over last few months, partly due to MOOC, partly through an almost unconscious learning. And on both counts, if I haven’t said it before, thank you.


  2. why give the ‘concept of time’ so much importance or control? (referring to Ides of November and this post) . You said it yourself, the choice is clear – board or exit! I am just wondering what happened to acknowledging the ‘now’. And nothing else matters.

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    • November, months, years or days are are names of time segments. Just like “moment” or “now.” The post was about acknowledging the “now” At this “moment” I feel like this. This moment makes me look back and forth, and causes the dizzy-ness that this post is about. Like in The Matrix movies, I am slowing down time around me to be able to see clearly. Soon, soon… 🙂 Thank ye!


  3. Atul,
    Are you really telling me that you are going to stay idle until January, and then see if you learnt anything about what happened this past year? Why don’t you better say I had a 10.3 months gap back in 2014? Life is too short… Board that train now! 🙂
    I know for sure your friends are waving from aboard.

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    • No! I am not going to stay idle till January. I am going to observe and make sense of the gap year. 10.3 month gap is so…well…boring. 12 months sounds much better! 😀 Actually life’s quite long. I recently heard a guy say, we are trying to live a hundred years in ten. That’s the *real* lifestyle disease. We think we have no time.

      That train you mention in the last line, that’s long gone. I’ll perhaps take the road, or better, — fly! 😀

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  4. I think I spotted the sarcasm. As you may know, Im a huge fan of sarcasm. I hate the term middle age for the exact reasons you have stated. Wonderfully profound and thoughtful post.

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