The Sorbet Post: #Anthem 1

It has been years since someone started an interesting meme. Paul has started one, and I think it’s a good one — I call it a list with a twist.

Heres the challenge.

Post ten songs that played a major part in your life. Ten Anthems that you love. State the reason you love the song and please post a link to this post so I can listen to your choices and enjoy reading your stories.

I will post my ten choices at the rate of one each day, starting today.

You don’t need to do it at this rate, post at your own pace and in your own time frame.

This will be really interesting, as its going to be hard to choose just ten songs from your whole life. It doesn’t mean you have to choose your ten favourite songs of all time, although you could do it that way, it’s simply Ten Anthems. It does not matter how old or from what genre your choices come. Age is no barrier to good music.

Via the Anthem Challenge #1

The meme (or the tag, as we also call it) came at an interesting time.

Last weekend was special. It was spent with people I love, It was fun, I cooked, and we had Karaoke. It has been years since I’ve Karaoked. And I was mighty chuffed to sing-along with folks who have as much fun when they sing-along as much as I do. Without doubt, one of the qualities of a Karaoke singer is not to care about what others think of your singing. In a funny way, it is about singing for yourself; something like blogging, perhaps.

6593: My Own Song

Many years ago, a friend and I were frequent at a Karaoke pub, close to our place of work. The pub, called Merlins  was a magical place for both of us. My friend happens to be a wonderful singer, I not so much. Because it was always two guys, we often sang songs sung (Notice, the S-alliteration) by guys. We stayed away from duets and songs sung by women. Yet, there was one duet.

To all the Girls I’ve Loved Before

Without exception, this is one song that we sang together every night that we were in Merlins. And while I am an average singer, this song is one that I am proud about; I always felt I did a more than decent job, while singing this.

As Anthems go, and as I have understood from Paul’s challenge, I am glad that I am starting with this one. I am going to use the latitude in Paul’s challenge and post the ten anthems at my leisure.


11 thoughts on “The Sorbet Post: #Anthem 1

  1. Thanks for entering into the spirit of the challenge, Atul. I am delighted that you have recognised the genuine reason behind it and have decided to take part. What a great song you have chosen as your first one. I get the image of you and your mates singing it at Karaoke. I love the stories that are attached to music or songs. There are so few things that instantly jog the memory, but music is one of them. Great post. Thanks.


  2. Ten Anthems (Songs that have stuck with me, in random order):
    Broken Wings
    Fast Car
    Endless Summer Nights
    Time after Time
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    Love Bites
    Man in the Mirror
    True (Spandau Ballet)


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