Our Life

There was a time when some folks came and said we’d like to be your friends. They gave a reason: we have no other friends. We are alone in this city. We became their friends. We embraced them unquestionably. As time went by they found other friends, or they found a reason not to be friends with us, or they could live a life they wanted, without us, and we are friends no more.

They live a good life, but that life has no intersection with the life that we live. Years go by, and none of your friends care about your life. One fine day, they realise how much time has gone by. They connect. Ask you to stop by. I’ll go, but what do I say when I meet them? I have to remember how they see me. And I have to list the events of the time in a way that they relate, to me. No one really cares about the reality.

“How’s life?”

What kind of answer, to that question, can you give to a person who did not care a hoot about what actually happened in your life for the “duration” of that question?

You say, “All’s good.”

In your own life, you move on, forget these folks of old, try to create a new life. There are wonderful conversations with these new folks. Your own life starts making meaning. It’s easy, to understand that this life means much more than trying to hold on to your past.

If they have let you go, it’s obvious that you should let go too. They will always come back and claim that they never let go, but the truth is that they never held on. It may take years for you to know this truth. But when you do know, open your palm, let go, and walk your path. If and when they call, try to remember, it is not their love. For, if they ever wanted to express it, it would have shown up many moons ago.

They don’t care, if you haven’t realised by now.

Focus on those who do. You will get hurt.. Let it never be a determinant of new experiences. The ones who care, will show up soon, one fine day. Open your doors and windows to allow that experience.

Our lives are not a state of small limits; they are of multiple experiences. I have experienced those.

I hope you do, too.


18 thoughts on “Our Life

  1. I love this post. I realised this many years ago and I let go. I can’t abide the whole ‘hows life’, when I accidentally bump into old friends. I’m not interested. If I was, I would still be in contact. I have nothing against them, I just want to let go of the past. To some people this appears harsh. To me, its a totally realistic approach to moving forward in life.


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