Likes, No More

I’ve decided to disable the likes on posts.

I’ll keep the star rating on, and of course I’ll keep comments open. But I am disabling the Like feature on my blog. Starting from this one.

There’s an abstraction about liking which I am unable to fathom. Other than a feel-good factor, it amounts to nothing. Some of the likes come from fellow-bloggers; and I know a few of them in-real-life. They are quite honest, and when they don’t like a post, they don’t “like” it. When they like (or dislike) a post, they comment on it. And I am always grateful for the comment; while the mood of the comment may be positive, neutral, negative, or tangential, it provides me a perspective of what my readers experience. It doesn’t affect what I write; it broadens my understanding of the people who read what I write.

Write me an Epitaph

Disabling the “like” feature is not a comment bait. I don’t intend for or expect more comments to come by this feature. I discovered that I end up visiting every blog that likes a post, and find that most of them are thematic professional bloggers. And those, I am not interested in. The like has become a currency that I do not feel like trading in.

If Facebook had a means of not notifying me for every like of a photo or a status message, I’d enable it. Like most words that have become vague and have come to mean something else because of overuse in a context, “Liking” has become come less to mean liking and more to mean “I noticed your post.” or “Hi, come over and see my blog.”

I refuse to be a member of this transaction industry.

A writer, however needs feedback. The star rating will stay, so I know what people think about it, and the comments remain for more involved conversation.

I hope you like, what I’ve done to the blog.


14 thoughts on “Likes, No More

  1. Many people do disable the “like,” which is each bloggers choice. A lot of people browse at work or on smartphones and don’t have time to comment. I get each writer wants real feedback, but sometimes the “likes” are more feedback then people realize. Just my view. 🙂


    • Welcome to Gaizabonts! I understand what you say and I agree that the like may be an alternative for a comment or a bookmark for read-later. It is not that I am exhorting “real” feedback by disabling likes. I end up checking each (new) like, unlike some bloggers, who don’t care much for the interactions on the blog. I know my blog well and I know why I blog; I don’t think I am being petty. 🙂


  2. I agree with you. I don’t like ‘likes’ anymore on Facebook and never quite understood what it was doing on my blog. I think it was a shorthand for a comment minus the thinking involved in posting a comment. I might take a leaf out of your book and disable likes for my blog.


  3. You’re right, of course. I’m not sure I have the courage to do that, just yet. Writing is just so lonely. Blogging even more so as you can everyone around is talking and no one talks to you.

    And by the way, for the feedback a writer so desperately needs, there’s always Alphabet Sambar. 😉


  4. Atul, you are fast becoming my favourite blogger. How true these words are. The LIKE is a transient thing and serves more for us to look at the LIKERS blog. I won’t disable my LIKES just yet, but I have massive respect for your honesty in both the way you deal with POWER bloggers, and your integrity.


    • Thanks Paul. In this crowded world, where getting someone to read your posts is difficult, becoming a favourite blogger is an achievement in itself! 🙂 Thank you and I hear what you say. We all have our own blogs and the blog reflects something about our self. If we all were to follow the same “rules” all blogs would be the same. Just enjoy blogging! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. 🙂 A like doesn’t mean I read and really liked what you wrote. Totally true. It’s just marking territory, “I was here”. A comment says “You wowed me” good or bad, you got the reader thinking.
    I can tell who reads and who doesn’t. That is, I get 10 likes, when I’m probably writing for 3 persons who actually read what I wrote (I have around 50 followers). Do I care? NO… I’ll keep writing because I LOVE IT… Like it or not 🙂


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